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How to manage multiple browser sessions easily

Imagine the following scenario: you browse heavily the Internet every day, you have all the important browsers installed on your PC and have a ton of favorite pages you open every day. In this case you might find yourself in the same situation as I am: I need something to manage various sessions I wish to open in separate browser windows so that for example I’ll use a Chrome window with all the Google services I use opened and another window with tabs concerning the current article I’m researching for.

Every plugin or extension I’ve used for Chrome and Firefox to manage sessions means I have to make a few clicks to save each session and another bunch of clicks to open that session later into a separate browser window. Plus the latest window I close will get opened next time when I start that particular browser. So if I close last the windows with my daily tabs I loose the browsing session with the occasional tabs I need for a short period of time.

It’s a mess I reckon and even if I daily use Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera I can’t manage to browse the web the way I like and automatically keep separate browsing windows for the websites I visit.

The sollution

After thinking about this particular problem I’ve found a partial sollution to help me open special windows with the tabs I use the most. It’s partial because it doesn’t work exactly like I want and it works for Firefox and Chrome only, or at least I haven’t found how to use it on other browsers. The steps needed areas follows:

1 – In Windows Vista/7 open Start Menu and type the name of the browser. Drag the launch icon on desktop and rename it so that it will describe the session you will open once double clicked. In Windows XP you’ll have to browse to Start Menu – Programs and manually find the shortcut

Start menu search
Start menu search

2 – Right click on it and open Properties. Here browse to the Shortcut tab and edit the Target field by adding after the last “ the websites you wish to open (without http://) and separated by spaces. Remember that you can’t open 10-20 tabs as the target field has a limited char allowance.

Editing the shortcut parameters
Editing the shortcut parameters

3 – Repeat this step as many times as you like. It also applies to Chrome. In IE it doesn’t seem to work as the browser will try and open a single windows with the address consisting of the string (including spaces) that you enter in the target field after the last “. Or if you prefer, in IE this trick only works with one URL.

How to use it on a daily basis?

Always remember to open a new browser window for Firefox or Chrome and then double click the shortcut. If you don’t do this you’ll end up with the tabs being opened in the first browser window. If you know another trick to help me manage multiple sessions for the same browser please let me know in the comments below and I’ll try and update this article.

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