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Why I don’t like Google Buzz

Yesterday Google announced Buzz, their new sharing service integrated in Gmail, which is kind of Facebook like. Those are not my words, others have said that before me. I’ve played with it a few minutes, half an hours at most and I already don’t like it. Unlike others ‘I don’t like’ feelings this one I can explain and I’ll try and make a list of reasons I don’t like Buzz and think it won’t rock our world. So let’s see what I have against Google’s latest service:

  1. It’s confusing to use, unlike other Gmail products. Facebook had that effect on me at first but it went away with time. Hope the same happens with Buzz
  2. It’s another Google program. I’m already worried about my dependence of Big G and wonder if their ‘do no evil’ saying won’t lose the ‘no’ word at some point
  3. It looks like Google doesn’t have a strategy for their social media hub (as all their services will probably try and integrate into Buzz at some time). They don’t get that the center/focus point in social media is the person and his relationships. In Buzz is hard to add new friends, catalog them in categories, import contacts and such. There are no complex choices like you get in Facebook (sorry for bringing this up again, but Buzz is meant to compete with them after all)

I believe those three things will put a lot of users away from Buzz once the first buzz wears off. I’m afraid Google Buzz will become another Wave, but only time will tell if I’m right.

Google buzz official launch

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