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For many years I’ve considered that gaming peripherals are not worth the price: why pay a few times more for a mouse, a keyboard, joystick, mouse pad, steering wheel or stereo headset when you can buy similar products for a bargain price. Things changed after I’ve owned the first serious keyboard and mouse combo: Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard and Logitech MX500. They were expensive, but boy they’re worth the money, especially in fast paced games like shooters and RTS strategies. In time I got rid of those two as I’ve received new ones without having to pay for them (that’s the advantage of being a hardware editor for a PC magazine).

My first Logitech Gaming Combo

My first Logitech Gaming Combo

Even if for 10-15 years, peripherals like mouses and keyboard haven’t changed a lot in terms of basic functionality, but producers have added numerous new functions to make their products stand in front of the competition. Unfortunately none of those functions have really become standard (except maybe the scroll wheel). That’s why I think people stick to a special brand of peripherals, as they get an affinity towards certain functions. For me Logitech is the best computer peripheral brand but that doesn’t mean it’s the best or offers the best price/performance ratio.

That’s why I’ve made some research to find the best gaming mouse on the market today. As I can’t test them all I’ve made a top of the best computer mouses in 2009. All are wired mices, because wired technology still offers the best response time and accurate precision. Even if wireless technologies evolved a lot lately, for gaming mices wired is the only choice.The final decision is yours, like always.

A4-Tech 3xFire XL-750F

A4-Tech 3xFire XL-750F

5 – A4Tech 3xFire XL-750F

This is the first and the least expensive gaming mouse. You normally wouldn’t expect too much from A4Tech (the name comes from Affordable Technology), but they’ve recently entered the gaming peripherals world with some innovative designs, like this 3xFire XL-750F gaming mouse which features a special mode that fires three times in games when you once press the fire button.

The A4Tech 3xFire XL-750F features 6 DPI switch button with Color Indication 600-800-1200-1600-2000-2500DPI all hardware integrated, without the need for a special driver or software. The design is nice, lines are clean and fits in hand rather nice (you can see why, as the general shape is inspired by Logitech MX series mices).

SteelSeries Special Edition

SteelSeries Special Edition

4 – SteelSeries Special-Edition World of Warcraft Mouse

The SteelSeries Special-Edition ain’t a bargain, that’s for sure, as it costs now around 75$, but that surely has something to do with the “World of Warcraft” brand name.

As its name says, the SteelSeries Special Edition was specially designed for World of Warcraft, but don’t worry, it can play other games just as good. It comes with a special customization software that allows the user to edit and add macros to side buttons, besides the already loaded 130 profiles. The colored LEDs can be adjusted to over 16 milion combinations with 3 intensity levels. The total number of programmable buttons is 15, some of which are cleverly hidden.

Other performance numbers that might interest you are the 3200 DPI sensor, 20 g acceleration detection and 65 inches per second movements maximum speed. With those numbers you’ll never catch the SteelSeries Special Edition unprepared.

Razer Lachesis

Razer Lachesis

3 – Razer LachesisLaser Gaming Mouse

I’ve owned a Razer gaming mouse and tested several. I don’t know why, but I don’t really like Razer. For me it’s like they put all the effort in making the best sensor but forget to make better side buttons, which are really hard to press, software is glitchy and the plastic body doesn’t seem very reliable.

But you forget all that after you take one for a spin in your favorite game: the 4000 DPI sensor and 1000 Hz USB refresh rate will make sure you don’t miss a pixel on the screen. We also have sensitivity adjustment plus 9 programmable buttons. 32 KB of internal memory allow you to store more profiles that are then accessible without the need of running Razer’s own software.

Razer Lachesis is also one of the few gaming mouses with an ambidextrous design.

Microsoft Sidewinder X5

Microsoft Sidewinder X5

2 – Microsoft Sidewinder X5

I haven’t owned one but I’ve tested it for a few days at the office. Microsoft never really made cool looking peripherals, but this one is different. The Sidewinder X5 looks like it come from Doom 3 and survived a BFG direct hit. It has all the functions you’d expect from a top gaming mouse: adjustable sensitivity on the fly, weight can be modified, laser sensor (2000 DPI), customizable buttons and user defined macros by using the delivered Microsoft software.

What I don’t like about the Microsoft Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse is the shape, a little big too big for my taste, but by no means it’s uncomfortable to use after a few hours of intense gaming. I had no problem with precision but that’s something you get with a Laser sensor.

1 – Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

Logitech G9 Laser

Logitech G9 Laser

Its price has fallen from 100 $ recently so it’s definitely a best buy, besides being the best gaming mouse. I have it at home and I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s small enough for my girlfriend’s hand. You can adjust its weight to your needs. Has various coves for sweaty hands, for grip, for smoothness and you can purchase other covers besides the two included in the package.

Sensitivity can be changed of the fly, you don’t need drivers for that but if you install them you’ll be able to tweak the mouse to your needs, create profiles for applications that are detected automatically, change the color of the status LEDs which indicate current sensitivity level. The side buttons (for back and forward in browser) are one of the best placed I’ve seen and easy to press also.

The LASER sensor is very precise as you might expect, so I don’t have any real excuse for loosing in CounterStrike.

If you have other favorites I would like to know which ones and why. As I said the above top 3 best gaming mouses has my favorites, it’s not an ‘official’ chart.

Looks cool, just like Batman

Looks cool, just like Batman

The newcomer – Logitech Performance Mouse MX “Darkfield”

Logitech anounced the new “Darkfield” laser senzor for its mices after I’ve made this top gaming mouse article but it’s worth mentioning as it is the only mouse in the world that works on glass surfaces. Wow, that’s a first, plus it works on pretty much any surface you put it on. The best of the Darkfield series is the Performance Mouse MX, which currently retails for under 100$. That’s much for a mouse, even a gaming one, but it’s worth every penny.

The new sensor is not the only new thing but also the Unifying receiver and yes, the Performance Mouse MX is wireless. The mouse can be charged even when in use, has hyper fast scrolling wheel and sculpted right-handed shape with stealth thumb controls for rapid-fire web browsing, application switching, zooming and more. If you want the best get the Logitech Performance Mouse MX!

If you want more gaming gear I recommend you read the best gaming mouse list on It’s a comprehensive list, with reviews for all models.

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    you forgot

    Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse

    From Cyborg/Mad Catz

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    you also missed that the X5 had a much better upgrade… the X8 which although is wireless has a dedicated receiver that makes it like a wired mouse, but better and it has more buttons

  3. hi says:

    you guys missed the brand Mionx and their Naos 5000 which is much better than some of the mice you have

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