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Top best gaming mouse you can buy

For many years I’ve considered that gaming peripherals are not worth the price: why pay a few times more for a mouse, a keyboard, joystick, mouse pad, steering wheel or stereo headset when you can buy similar products for a bargain price. Things changed after I’ve owned the first serious keyboard and mouse combo: Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard and Logitech MX500. They were expensive, but boy they’re worth the money, especially in fast paced games like shooters and RTS strategies. In time I got rid of those two as I’ve received new ones without having to pay for them (that’s the advantage of being a hardware editor for a PC magazine).

My first Logitech Gaming Combo
My first Logitech Gaming Combo

Even if for 10-15 years, peripherals like mouses and keyboard haven’t changed a lot in terms of basic functionality, but producers have added numerous new functions to make their products stand in front of the competition. Unfortunately none of those functions have really become standard (except maybe the scroll wheel). That’s why I think people stick to a special brand of peripherals, as they get an affinity towards certain functions. For me Logitech is the best computer peripheral brand but that doesn’t mean it’s the best or offers the best price/performance ratio.

That’s why I’ve made some research to find the best gaming mouse on the market today. As I can’t test them all I’ve made a top of the best computer mouses in 2009. All are wired mices, because wired technology still offers the best response time and accurate precision. Even if wireless technologies evolved a lot lately, for gaming mices wired is the only choice.The final decision is yours, like always.

A4-Tech 3xFire XL-750F
A4-Tech 3xFire XL-750F

5 – A4Tech 3xFire XL-750F

This is the first and the least expensive gaming mouse. You normally wouldn’t expect too much from A4Tech (the name comes from Affordable Technology), but they’ve recently entered the gaming peripherals world with some innovative designs, like this 3xFire XL-750F gaming mouse which features a special mode that fires three times in games when you once press the fire button.

The A4Tech 3xFire XL-750F features 6 DPI switch button with Color Indication 600-800-1200-1600-2000-2500DPI all hardware integrated, without the need for a special driver or software. The design is nice, lines are clean and fits in hand rather nice (you can see why, as the general shape is inspired by Logitech MX series mices).

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